The American video game publisher Take Two has announced that Grand Theft Auto 6 will go on sale in autumn 2025. The parent company of Rockstar Games, the studio that is in charge of development, has announced this launch window during the presentation of its latest financial results, since until now it had only been made public that the long-awaited title would go on sale for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series on an unspecified date next year.

Although it is still an indicative release date, with the announcement of the launch window for Grand Theft Auto 6, one of the main doubts that kept the video game industry and its community of fans in suspense has been cleared up. In fact, the popularity of this best-selling franchise is such that each new installment manages to alter the release schedule of the rest of the competing companies.

The best example of the great expectation surrounding the new Grand Theft Auto are the record views accumulated by the game’s first trailer. Published in December of last year, the video has already accumulated more than 200 million views just counting the official Rockstar Games video. Likewise, the trailer managed to be the most viewed non-musical video in the history of YouTube in its first 24 hours (more than 90 million).

Following in the wake of the rest of the installments in this saga with almost thirty years of history, Grand Theft Auto 6 will be an action game that will be characterized by its cinematic-style narrative and by allowing the player to explore a large virtual setting. This time, the title will be set in a reimagined version of the state of Florida and, for the first time, will feature a female protagonist.

During the presentation of its latest financial report, Take Two has announced that Grand Theft Auto 5 has reached 200 million units sold since its original launch in 2023. It is amazing that they have only been able to surpass two titles like Minecraft or Tetris, although Perhaps the comparison is not entirely fair since these are two games with a greater variety and diversity of versions than the Rockstar Games title.

Despite being a game that is more than ten years old, during the last fiscal quarter Grand Theft Auto 5 sold 5 million units, something that probably also had a lot to do with the expectation that the sixth installment has raised. Likewise, Take Two has also announced that the entire franchise has already accumulated 425 million units sold.

Another game for which sales figures have been updated is Red Dead Redemption 2, the action adventure set in the Wild West that has accumulated the also surprising figure of 64 million units sold since its launch in October 2018.