90% of students who take an MBA online and in Spanish find employment. These are the latest data collected by the FSO ranking, a project that evaluates the 30 best Spanish-speaking institutions that offer online higher education in the field of Business Administration and Management.

To prepare this prestigious ranking, the consulting firm Hamilton Global Intelligence and Emagister have collaborated and prepared a study based on surveys addressed to 4,000 students, alumni and program managers from more than 250 centers. Data has been collected from centers in countries such as Spain, the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Panama and Colombia, among others.

Three Spanish training centers top the 2023 FSO ranking. The first place goes to the Open University of Catalonia for the seventh consecutive year, followed by the International University of La Rioja (UNIR) and the OBS Business School.

But they are not the only Spanish institutions that are part of the ranking. Other institutions such as ESIC Business Marketing School (in fourth position), the European Postgraduate Institute (7th), the University of Nebrija (8th), La Salle (9th) and the Real Madrid University School (10th) are among the top ten best rated by experts.

According to the data collected in the 2022 study, the main reasons that lead a student to pursue an MBA are to advance in their professional career (49.9%) and to advance at work and increase their training (27%). Furthermore, the majority opt for doing a master’s degree online because this modality allows them to better reconcile studies with work (69.4%).

This type of formal training easily translates into getting a job. According to the data, nine out of ten students who have completed one of these master’s degrees found a job. Furthermore, 72% of students end up working in a field related to that taught in the Master’s or MBA.

The students have also received an increase in their salary once the training is completed. We are talking about a salary increase of 28.3%, going from 23,623 euros to 29,974 euros per year on average.

1. Open University of Catalonia (Spain)

2. UNIR (Spain)

3. OBS Business School (Spain)

4. ESIC Business

5. Centrum PUCP Business School (Perú)

6. UDLAP (Mexico)

7. European Postgraduate Institute (Spain)

8. Nebrija University (Spain)

9. La Salle – Ramón Llull University (Spain)

10. Real Madrid University School (Spain)

11. Tecmilenio University (Mexico)

12. International University of Valencia (Spain)

13. EUDE Business School (Spain)

14. UPAEP (Mexico)

15. European University of Monterrey (Mexico)

16. EAN University (Colombia)

17. European University (Spain)

18. Cerem International Business School (España)

19. Interamerican University (Puerto Rico)

20. King Juan Carlos University (Spain)

21. IMF Smart Education (España)

22. Autonomous University of Chihuahua (Mexico)

23. Westfield Business School (United States)

24. UNAD (Colombia)

25. University of the Isthmus (Panama)

26. ESBS Open Business School (Spain)

27. American School of Management (Guatemala)

28. ESDEN Business School (Spain)

29. INESDI Digital Business School (Spain)

30. INESEM Business School (Spain)