The Civil Guard has opened an investigation against a pig farm in the province of Burgos, following a complaint of animal abuse, while the Junta de Castilla y León has assured that it was inspected this Tuesday and it was certified that it complies with “all” wellness protocols.

The complaint, specifically, came from the Animal Welfare Observatory (OBA) organization and is directed at a pig farm in Arauzo de Torre for alleged crimes of animal abuse after verifying deformities, hernias and infected wounds in the animals.

He has also denounced the habitual use of electric prods and the presence of rats, worms and insects in the feeders.

After becoming aware of the complaint, the Nature Protection Service of the Civil Guard (Serpona) has confirmed to EFE that agents from the environmental unit have made two visits to the facilities, this Tuesday and Wednesday, to verify the statements collected. in the complaint.

Along with these inspections, the farm has also received this week a visit from the official veterinarians of the Junta de Castilla y León, who have determined on May 14 that “all animal welfare protocols are complied with,” as detailed from the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Rural Development.

In addition, the last biosafety survey carried out on the farm, corresponding to November 15, 2023, determined that “everything was in order.”

However, the NGO has indicated that the images collected, and on which the complaint is based, correspond to the period from June to November 2023, and has specified that the report includes some taken between November 20 and 24. .

On the other hand, the Animal Welfare Observatory (OBA) includes in its complaint a possible crime of misleading advertising since the pig farm would be linked to a supplier that supplies sausage to Lidl supermarkets, and has different animal health and welfare certificates. , as reported by the NGO.

However, sources from the Lidl supermarket chain have assured that “it does not distribute or market products from that farm in any case, as certified by this supplier.”

In statements to Efeagro they added that, “unfortunately, this is not the first time that this organization (Animal Welfare Observatory) tries to link our company with cases of animal abuse, which have been proven false.”

The white pig producing and industrial sector has reacted to this case and from the interprofessional organization, Interporc, they have clarified that this farm does not currently have its voluntary animal welfare seal (IAWS).

Interporc sources have detailed to Efeagro that it did have it “in its day” and, in fact, the last audit that they know of is from the first half of 2022.

The interprofessional has recalled that to obtain and maintain the seal, farms undergo external audits and has regretted that “specific” cases like this end up “harming the entire” sector.