Falling temperatures, rain and first frosts in the mountain systems. That is the forecast for this Tuesday from the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet), which speaks of weather more appropriate for the time of year, except in the Canary Islands, where the maximum will be close to 30 degrees.

For today, the agency expects cloudy or covered skies with precipitation throughout the extreme north of the peninsula, more abundant and persistent in the eastern Cantabrian Sea and the Pyrenees. In a weaker and more dispersed form they could occur in other areas of the northern third of the peninsula and the surroundings of the Central and Iberian systems.

The showers will be moderate or occasionally stormy in the east of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, without ruling out some locally strong showers. In these two communities, the yellow warning has been activated due to precipitation accumulated in one hour of up to 20mm.

In the rest of the Peninsula there will be cloudy intervals, less abundant the further south and the Mediterranean coast, where there could be little cloudiness, continues the Aemet.

Temperatures will drop again, except in the extreme south of the peninsula, the Mediterranean coast and the Canary Islands, where they will remain with few changes. The decrease will be more pronounced in the maximum temperatures, which could drop significantly in the Pyrenees and the interior of the eastern half of the peninsula.

Thermometers will read less than 10 degrees in the peninsular mountain systems and surrounding areas. The coldest capitals will be Ávila, Burgos and Soria (9), while it will warm more in Santa Cruz de Tenerife (28), Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (27), Melilla (23) and Huelva, Murcia and Seville (22).

The agency predicts frost in mountain areas of the Peninsula for this Tuesday, which will be locally moderate in the Pyrenees. The snow level will remain at 1400/1700 m in the northern half and 1700/2000 m in the southern half.

The north winds are expected to be “intense” and will increase the feeling of cold, leaving maximum temperatures that will only exceed 20 degrees in the south of Andalusia and points in the southeast, while in mountain areas it will not reach 10 degrees.

According to Aemet, normal temperatures are expected for this time of year this week, except in the Canary Islands, which will be warmer than normal; In the Peninsula, first widespread frosts in high and mountain areas.

For now, on Wednesday the maximums will not vary too much, but the nighttime ones will continue to decrease, with frost in mountain areas and in inland paramos and snowfall in the extreme north, although with a tendency to subside, at a snow level that that day It will plummet in the Pyrenees to about 600 to 800 meters.