just take it.

shut up, I have evil in rods, feet and my ass!

the Body hooks, but when I today the last part of the Climb minoen, then it fuckin’ with a great feeling.

I kept namely the words (had In mind with the second …)!

When I had put the head on the block and promised an 80-kilometre walk, if FC Midtjylland beat Brondby, so I knew very well, that there was no way around it!

I regret? No, I don’t want to spend time on.

My only problem was that the day had not enough hours, but are you crazy with responses that are to come. The phone bimlede and bamlede, my Facebook profile glowed – and it has been full throttle in the media.

People arrived with hot dogs, cocoa, candy, meatballs, a warm coat and I know not what.

An experience worth having.

People arrived with hot dogs, cocoa, candy, meatballs, a warm coat, and I know not what, tells ‘the lawn mower’. See some of the surprises that have greeted him on the provisional route, here.

the last stage to Herning, where the FCM takes against AGF and I had a good time on the road to think about the match …

A bold fight to round Superligaefteråret of, but also a meeting between two of the most hot and interesting trainers this fall.

Brian Priske and David Nielsen.

I must admit, I was a little skeptical of Brian Priske. He had what was needed to lift the FCM? I doubted, but now I must just surrender to me.

After he took over from Kenneth Andersen, as appears FCM as a more accomplished and, above all, direct and målfarligt team.

With 13 wins, a draw and a defeat in 15 matches, so this is also not something to stay on pointhøsten, and the only fly in the ointment is it embarrassing pokalexit for Fremad Amager.

I also think that his appearance, charisma and the action is in the absolute top class. A quiet and calm disposition, but under the surface there is also a temper.

He is both ambitious and ambitious. Necessary properties as toptræner – and when you challenge the Stale Solbakken and will have more to say in FCK, then you have also selvbevidstheden in place!

Now he came so from FCK in a less bold way, but I can’t see it any different, than that Brian Priske could look like an obvious replacement for the Stale Solbakken, when he even thank of.

Stig Tøfting go Sunday, the last stage of the ‘Stig-Minoen’. Photo. Ernst van Norde

They have retrieved him once, so why not again.

It requires, of course, to Brian He proves that he can handle Europe. It is FCM’s big challenge and becomes He-man, crack the nut, so that is the way to FCK at least been somewhat shorter.

Now it better not just for the fact that Stale saying thank you for this time, but remember, you read it here first …

the end is David Nielsen, who finally is about to redeem AGF’s dreams of a place in the top six – and that right now is a good medaljebud.

I have been following David Nielsen plenty of times. For tactical locked, for caution in indskiftningerne, when a battle should be won – and a pale version of the exuberant David Nielsen, we saw in Lyngby.

But now it seems that he has cracked the code to be AGF-coach. He is a little further on in the shoes without going totally Bo Henriksen-the banjo, and he has been bolder on the pitch.


With Rubén Sellés and Lars Friis, as the, so, he has assembled a team that complements him perfectly.

It also shows great leadership and self-awareness from David Nielsen’s side to surround themselves with people, which makes him even better, and the result we see in the table.

this is Why it is inconceivable that David Nielsen and the AGF has not been agreed to extend the contract that expires this summer.

David Nielsen seems to thrive, he is well-liked among the fans and the setting, so to me it seems like a perfect match.

Maybe, but, of course, a CHIEF-coach belonging to among the best paid in the League, so this should Peter ’PC’ Christiansen, Jacob Nielsen and the board don’t be stingy!

It can prove far more expensive in the long run not to give David Nielsen a raise, if you have to start over with a new coach.

David Nielsen? Well, it can damn’ then turn on him to be the long-awaited AGF-coach who might play the club back in the medals.

Here in the city you’re talking still about Peter Rudbæks silver medals and the cup victory in 1996 and bronze in 1997 …

So get it now fixed – and ride on the positive sentiment, there are about AGF.

– Go to battle – I take the present …

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