Sunday could Line Baun Danielsen again celebrate his birthday. The former tv host full here 58 years, but it is not something she has difficulty with.

Line Baun Danielsen belongs not to those who have it hard to getting older. The she writes in a new post on his blog.

– Age is a weird size. I don’t feel that I, at some point in life has had a decidedly mid – term or alderskriser, she writes and continues:

I have met each new decade with a belief that I still have the best to good. And 50’s have all ways lived up to its reputation as the new 40’s, even though my teeth are not as white as before. My sleep sometimes gets the fight to the finishing line of nocturnal sweating. And the first liver spots have reported her arrival on my hands. But apart from it, so it goes very well.

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the Body can not, however, completely hide, approaching 60, but Line Baun Danielsen is overall quite happy.

– Pressing the aged not at all, you might think? Yes, of course, there is a little small defects here and there. A knee that complains of and to. A finger, a shoulder and a thigh with a little osteoarthritis. Therefore, the fits I also on my body.

– I train and eat fairly healthy. The need to keep the whole life! But it is not something that can destroy my mood! And I I still feel both attractive and sexy, though the breasts are moved slightly further to the south, she writes.

For Extra Magazine tells Line Baun Danielsen, why she now looks forward to getting older.

When the former tv host, a year ago, age 57 years, she wrote less positive about it approaching the 60. But now, when she is come 12 months closer to the next round birthday, she has changed the approach.

I just think that when the time is approaching, so you can choose two mindset. You can either choose to see the positive in it, or you can choose to fear it. And I’ve decided that there’s not something to fear. The waiting is what I call the decade, she says.

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Line Baun Danielsen tells that she in the past some time have talked a lot with a erhvervscoach, and it is through those conversations that she has got the eyes up for

– It has done that I have thought for where I should be in ten years, and how the route is. It is indeed a very big question.

One of the things that Line Baun Danielsen especially look forward to being older is that she is so small can start that the eyes of his pension. She knows not yet, however, when it will be.

Maybe in ten years. When my pensionsrådgiver say that I have saved enough up, laughing, she tells why she is looking forward to retire:

– It is about freedom and the prospect that I shall not stand up every day and be forced to perform in order to pay my rent. It is the freedom, I really look forward to. Therefore, I fear not to round the 60, it just means that the day is approaching, she rolls fast.

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But although she is looking forward to be able to withdraw from the labour market, it does not mean that she definitely has plans to pull the plug to the time.

– I think, after all, still, that some of the things I do today is very meaningful. On my blog continue to live for the time, I don’t know, but it is here to be an inspiration or a role model for other women or men who are in the same place in life as I am, you could very well be, though one can call himself a pensioner.