80-year-old Fran Clark is more generous than most. On your own have she namely packed no less than 500 gifts to the poor.

It writes among other Independent.

The English woman from Bristol started on the gift wrapping when she saw an ad for donations in a church four years ago.

Then she was a bit lonely, because she had moved to residential care.

– I used to live for my son, so he and the grandchildren could come and visit me every day. But when I moved they could not come by as often, says Fran Clark.

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Here is the content of one of Fran Clark’s many packages. Photo: SWNS
– I felt a little lonely in the beginning, but then I saw the advertisement for a sko├Žske-gift giving in a kirkeblad and thought that it was a good idea, she says.

– I got a small room, where I could package sko├Žskerne check. It has kept me employed, she adds.

Every day, she uses an hour to pack toilet things like toothbrushes, toothpaste and soap into the boxes, which can be donated to the poor.

In the boxes there can also be clothing or playing cards while the children receive packages with toys, books, crayons or dolls.

She finds among the other boxes in the local genbrugsforretninger, and everything costs a box of around 45 crowns to make for her.

She receives, however, also donations, so she can keep the initiative in time. Among other things, she will receive well over 15 boxes a week of skobutikken Pavers.

– Fran to come in here regularly and spread joy, because she always says that the boxes are being used for a good purpose, says William Jacob, who is manager of the store.

the Gifts to be donated for example to the homeless or children’s organisations in the area.

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The 80-year-old grandmother has managed to pack 500 gifts into the year. Photo: SWNS