KUMAMOTO (Ekstra Bladet): She can play the violin, piano, control a horse and stand on hands for a long time. Sarah Iversen lived as a child a year in Paris and four years outside of Stockholm in Sollentuna, where violin playing was a compulsory part of schooling.

Music, horse riding and gymnastics are just a part of the baggage, when it comes to Sarah Iversen, who has left the notes and thrown over unoderne in the Danish defence, and just now started to eat its søsterpart of the playing time on the line.

In his third finals, is she gone from the clear tredjevalg to equal colleague Stine Bodholt and Kathrine Heindahl, and the 29-year-old school teacher makes it good.

– It is so wonderful. I love it here, ” she says.

Stamspiller and almost startspiller…

I just think he will have us all together in time. I have been ready for it, when I came in, and it’s gone ok, ” says the 29-year-old. She is born in Frederiksberg, has been a part around in the world – now she lives in Ikast with the man, she said yes to the 22. June in Frederiksberg Castle church.

– It is gone best in the defense. I’m damn well fucking tired of that I have burned some shots and made some fejlscreeninger, but I’m trying to think positive: I will come to the chances – and I’m not the only one that burns.

Sarah Iversen use its frilørdag to drink coffee with friends at home from the Herning-Ikast – including two norwegians, who are the enemies in the fight on Sunday. Photo: Bo Amstrup/Ritzau Scanpix

– I have not been particularly bad. Three expulsions in five matches is fine, and so it may well be, there are a few åndsvage trøjeriv with. But we want to play hard, and dommerlinjen can be a little tricky to greje – it varies in each case from the dommerpar to dommerpar. We try to lure them, says Sarah Iversen.

On this frilørdag seems she up with a cafétræf with Swedish Jessica Ryde, Helene Fauske and Stine Skogrand home from the club. The two norwegians are otherwise enemies for a day when Norway and Denmark on Sunday, clashing.

– I don’t think we are going to talk handball at all. It is just nice with a little hyggesamling, get out with other people and a little away from the hotel and haddock. Moreover, I keep me awake, ” she says, and laughs.

Klavs Bruun praised Sarah Iversen in the warm-up in Nantes for a year ago, and then floated the cup just over with salt water. Photo: Lars Poulsen

At the european championships a year ago, she was clearly tredjevalg, and a day in a small gym in Nantes trickling tears, as Klavs Bruun put his arm around and praised her. The reaction came very behind on the ’hard banana’.

Can you remember it?

– Yes! I have always been accustomed to be a key player and a great profile on klubholdet, and it takes time to get used to a different role on the national team. When it is successful, you can lower the shoulders a little. Klavs said oh just something in the direction that it goes damn good – and then the tears came, she says.

– I was actually very surprised by my reaction, because it’s just not how I want to appear outwardly. But when all comes to all, then you are just fucking sensitive, and when there is something to burn so much of sitting in the emotions without the skin, says Sarah Iversen.

– It is much easier back at the hotel, where you can just scream down in the pillow and get afreageret. Here it happened in a completely open forum. I just couldn’t hold them back, I had to let go. But then there came a story out of it, despite everything, it was positive.

at Home in the Ikon fits gemalen two English bulldogs – Otto and Arne – who indeed have their own Instagram account.

– Wow! A few small tanks, says former violinist, who, with the warranty coming to crush a single Norwegian hardangerfele or two on Sunday.

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