the 33-year-old Lenny Pihl and her boyfriend, 23-year-old Melina Buur, are busy for the time being. They have started a collection under the name of ‘Project christmas’, where they are trying to raise money for vulnerable children in Denmark.

however, It is not everyone who has taken equally well against the otherwise good initiative.

Several believe that the collection is bogus, and that the money goes directly into the Lenny Pihls own pocket.

It explains Lenny Pihl to Ekstra Bladet.

People are mega skeptical, because I might have been a bit of a headwind on the last. Who was it here with the advertising of payday loans, and so promoted I the also for Smilebright, so people think that I’m out of something, says Lenny Pihl to Ekstra Bladet.

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– But we have made sure to get all the permissions, and there is track of it all. Everything is approved. I would actually just show that I would like to do something good for others, so it is quite frustrating that people constantly suspect that I do not control it.

the Extra Leaf has seen the documentation from Lenny Pihl, who shows that he has received permission from the Indsamlingsnævnet to make the collection.

– People think it is bogus, but I can guarantee that it is not. It is NOT bogus. We use money from our own pocket to get it here to succeed. I would like to do something good and turn things around, and so people think the worst, he says.

Lenny Pihl is best known from the ‘Paradise Hotel’. Photo: Olivia Loftlund

According to Lenny Pihl is there a special reason that he has chosen to bring to the children at the orphanage.

– We have made the here the collection to children in orphanages around Denmark. The point is that we should collect money and then run around the country with gifts them to children, so they can have a good christmas, he says, and continues:

– I have even been at the orphanage, and I remember how lonely it was, and I think that these kids deserve to get some decent christmas gifts, and that there is someone who thinks on them.

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this is Why Lenny Pihl together with his girlfriend and a number of other realitystjerner, among other ‘Paradise Hotel’-the participants Sarah Tiedt and Türker Alici, out in the country with flyers to try to raise awareness about the project, which right now has collected about 8,000 crowns.

– We hope-of course-much more. Now we have made flyers and t-shirts and the whole shebang, so it’ll be good. I really hope we can do something good, and that we can make a difference.