Olive Woodward and Kathleen Saville were both 11 years old, when they were placed next to each other in class in Revenshead School in Nottingham in 1941. They immediately became friends, and it turned out that they even lived on the same street very close to each other.

Now, they have been friends for 78 years.

As adults, they were both married to men who worked in the coal industry. And once again, they lived on the same street.

The writes among others the BBC and Metro.

Kathleen Savilles husband, Leonard, died in 1989, after they had been married for 35 years. She moved into the nursing home Berry Hill Park in Mansfield.

Olive the woodward’s husband, Roy, died in 2004. They had two daughters who have given them five grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. After the husband’s death, she was living alone in the home in Mansfield.

Until now, where she also moved into the nursing home Berry Hill Park. At the same time as Kathleen Saville.

Venindeparret are the oldest residents, that right now lives in the nursing home. And now, when they practically moved together, using the almost all the time in each other’s company.

– We are 89 years old, but we look like some of 63. We have been good friends and have never been adversaries, says Kathleen Saville, and reveals exactly what not to argue is their secret behind a long friendship.

Some might suggest that the staff at the nursing home have been given some extra work with the two residents.

– We do not create problems at home, but sometimes we need to shake it a little in the staff. I just ran a race with one of the employees down at a time, just for the fun, the laughs Kathleen Saville.

– I’m so glad that Olive is here now, we are like two giggling schoolgirls, and we put our lipstick on and dress nicely.

After 78 years of friendship, the two also sure that they will be friends forever. Not even death will come to separate them, they say.

– If Olive dies first, then she comes back to pick me up. We must be friends in heaven, says Kathleen Saville.