the OLYMPICS in Tokyo 2020 is going to cost is 12.6 billion dollar (85 billion dollars).

It informs the organizer behind the games, which Friday published the final budget on its website.

the Budget shows an increase in revenue, so the total is 39,66 billion. But there is also extra expenditure on various initiatives against the high temperatures, as the capital of Japan affected by in the summer months.

the Organizers write that the budget does not yet include the expenditure of about 184 million dollars to move the marathon – and kapgangskonkurrencerne from the capital and 800 kilometers north to the city of Sapporo.

the Move was in October demanded by The International Olympic Committee (IOC) because of the heat in Tokyo, and the new participated, was Thursday approved by the organizers.

the IOC and the organizers are however still do not agree on who should stand for the cost of the move.

– It is an unpredictable thing, so there is no procedure, says Gakuji Ito, who is the responsible director for planning and funding of the OLYMPICS in Tokyo 2020, according to AFP news agency.

Revenue from japanese sponsors, as well as a strong ticket sales have increased revenues by around 1.84 billion, according to the fourth and final OLYMPICS budget.

It evens out the extra costs, the organizers have had to, among others, transportation, security and the stakes for the heat.

Among other things, the organizers have set up vandstationer and painted with heat-absorbing paint on the roads.

the Budget also includes 1,66 billion crowns for unexpected things such as natural disasters.

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