When little Liam was born early, he weighed only 700 grams and had big problems because of his heart, that was only 20 percent of the normalstørrelsen of a heart for a baby. Therefore, lodged his father, the 25-year-old Michael Walsh, 25 days in a tent which he had put up very close to the children’s hospital in London, where his son was treated.

Little Liam spent in fact the first seven months of his life in the hospital. Today is Liam 18 months old, and he has survived seven operations of his heart.

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Little Liam spent the first seven months of his life in the hospital. He was close to die. (Photo: Triangle News)

Michael Walsh tells even following on the most critical period in Aiken’s course of treatment.

the Hospital had offered me to stay in the house, which was halfway between our home and the hospital. Here you stay together with other families in the same situation. But I could not in the state I found myself in. I needed to be as close as possible to Liam. So therefore I lived in a tent in the vicinity of the hospital, until I could get him home. I stayed for approx. 25 days in a tent, Michael, who had bought a tent for 35 pounds, equivalent to approx. 300 crowns.

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Michael is seen here with his wife Laura and son Liam. (Photo: Triangle News)

In the period was Michael Walsh up early up the morning and ate breakfast, before he every day visited his son in the hospital.

today Liam, according to his father Michael Walsh it is excellent. And in great gratitude, Michael started a collection to raise money for the two hospitals, which his son was initially treated.

– I can almost not with words, what these hospitals have done for me. At one point I had my small son with a hole in the chest, and I could see his beating heart and his lungs. They have made the most significant for me in my life. To save my son’s life.

Michael Walsh has two younger twin brothers named Liam and Ryan, who are professional boxers. Recently he went in the ring for the first time in four years in order to raise money for the hospitals, which treated his son.

recently, he won his boxing match by knockout in the first round in an event at The Holiday Inn North in Norwich. Michael hope that he can bring 5000 pounds to the hospitals, who fought so hard for his son’s life.

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Michael Walsh asked for the first time in four years, up in a boxing match to raise money for his son.(Photo: Triangle News)

About his own son says Michael Walsh:

– He is the bravest boy I have ever experienced in my life and the most happy boy. He know nothing about to fight, but he came into this life and had to fight for his own life every single day.

Little Liam has it in the day quite well.(Photo: Triangle News)

the Collection for the hospitals is going on the Just Giving