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It may well be that Agnete Gersing is taken a step down the career ladder, but the fat pay container she.

In the middle of november, it emerged that she had even said yes to go from topjobbet as permanent secretary in the Ministry of Education and research for the job as a so-called commissioner in the ministry of Finance.

Since both the Politiken as the Information described, that she actually was thrown at the gates of the new minister Ane Halsboe-Jørgensen, and now can Extra Magazine to tell you that she has retained his topløn.

In an access to documents from the ministry of Finance reads it, that she is employed at salary level 41 – same steps as departementschefer – which annually trigger a salary of 784.600 crowns.

in turn, she has gained a arbejdsbeskrivelse, which is just as solid as pudding. Thus saith the:

‘Agnete Gersings responsibilities and tasks be established continuously between Agnete Gersing and the Ministry of finance’s permanent secretary. They can among other things include: Organizational development, leadership development, skills development, professional and managerial coaching, participation in external and inter-ministerial committees, projects and ad hoc tasks.’

the Term ‘commissioner’ will of the Politiken newspaper described as elefantkirkegården, and in recent times is the most well-known of its kind enough, as Gitte Rabøl was employed as commissioner for diversity in the DR, the so – called mangfoldighedskonsulent.

According to Kurt Klaudi Klausen, a professor of public management at the University of Southern denmark, it is a record that is used to keep the knowledge, though it rarely is the responsibility of weighing the items.

– instead of dismissing them, you give them a post where they don’t do any harm, but they still have a living. Typically, this is not some particularly significant items.

however, He considers that it might be a good idea to hold on to such capabilities:

– Such some persons typically have a lot of experience and much intuition. And to maintain them in one or another position may be a good idea. And so it is good personnel policy, he says.

According to both Politiken and Information was one of the seminal reasons to Agnete Gersings exit, that she supported the commission to investigate whether teacher education can be reformed. According to Politiken, she went even far to keep the commission. But on the same day, she was out of the guard, was disbanded.

on Wednesday sent the Extra Blade, the finance minister, Nicolai Wammen, a number of issues on the recruitment of Agnete Gersing like a series of questions to the main character. It happened via the press offices of the ministry of Finance.

on Friday moved the Extra Leaf for the reply, but the only response is from the head of communications in the ministry of Finance Sigga Nolsøe:

– I have no feedback for you.

– it Is because there are no feedback?

– The only thing I can say is that I have no message to you.

– But will Agnete Gersing say something?

– I have no message to you.

Education and forskningsminister Ane Halsboe-Jørgensen (S) has not wanted to comment on this story.