There have been many speculations back and forth both before and after an injury in the summer of 2019 and put an end to both Leroy Sanés season and possible ambitions for a Bayern-switch.

But now Sané decided definitively to go against the German giants, either in the January window or the summer. It believes the German Bild to know.

The German international is back on the grass in the week after having been kept out of a cruel knee injury which was incurred in 12. minutes of this season’s Community Shield. Just as he more than ever resembled a man heading for a envejsbillet to southern germany. The were torn in the midst, along with the 23-year-old cruciate ligament.

the Signs have been more. Among other things, he chose for his knæoperation not coach Pep Guardiolas recommendation, but Bayern Munich’s favourite dr. Christian Fink to stand for the procedure. At the same time, he rejected the English masters of the approximations to a contract extension.

According to Bilds sources will Sané like away from Manchester already in vintervinduet, but whether it can be done, is questionable, since he first officially is the damage quit in February. Whether the injury will have an impact on the price is also worth to ponder over, but in the summer desired City in the surrounding area 1.12 billion for the German’s venstreben.

In the City, there have also been storms on privatfronten, where a flirtatious evening in a nightclub resulted in an unworthy text war between Sanés girlfriend and teammate Riyad Mahrez’s wife.

– My body is better than yours. Nah boo, I’m in the gym. All you can talk about is money. You can’t dress yourself properly. You look like shit. You can’t even take in the fitness center, was one of the most aggressive sms messages Sanés heart mate got sent to angrebsmakker Mahrez’ wife.

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even Though the two players allegedly had talked about the incident during the four-eyes and promised not to let it affect the soccer ball, reached it anyway to create fear of trouble in the squad, especially ahead of the club’s christmas party here in december, where mrs Mahrez even considered to hire security personnel to keep Sanés american girlfriend at a distance.

Since 2016 it has been for 25 league goals in 89 matches for the German Sané, who is alleged to have wanted more playing time. Sané was prior to his injury a permanent fixture on the German national team but was controversially omitted from Joachim Löws squad for the WORLD cup in 2018, where the germans had his worst WORLD cup in the last 70 years.

Leroy Sané and Riyad Mahrez celebrates a goal against Watford in december 2018. After an incident, independent of the two players arose later, the bad blood between the players ‘ better halves. Photo: Ritzau Scanpix

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