It was a storsmilende Nick Jonas, who on the night of Monday Danish time went on the stage during this year’s Grammy award show along with his two brothers Joe and Kevin Jonas, who together form the group the Jonas Brothers.

But it was far from their vocals or stage show, who stole the viewers ‘ attention as the three young guys went on stage.

Hundreds of viewers refocused their attention on the fact that Nick Jonas during his appearance had something of food sitting in your teeth.

And, precisely, the detail has subsequently been Twitter to a boil.

‘Is it just me, or is there anyone who hasn’t told Nick Jonas, that he has something in my teeth?!’, write a for example.

‘Are there others who have noticed the piece of food, there is between Nick Jonas’ teeth!!? Is there no one who has checked it?’, writes another, while a third notes:

‘Who let Nick Jonas go on stage for the evening to the Grammys with food in his teeth? Someone gets fired in the evening’.

below you can see the detail that everyone is talking about:

the Talk of the teeth are not gone by the protagonist’s own nose over. He has subsequently been at the keys on Twitter, where the 27-year-old singer with a laugh, commenting on the unfortunate episode.

‘So honored to be back on the Grammy stage tonight’, he writes on Twitter, and continues:

‘And at least know all Of you now, that I eat my vegetables’, he writes on.

Nick Jonas does not take even the small gaffe so solemnly. Photo: Robyn Beck/AFP