Life as the potential can be a party here at home.

It is the winner of the ‘Paradise Hotel’ in 2018, Lenny Pihl, sign. Since the victory he has partied to such an extent, that he previous to Ekstra Bladet explained that he needed a serious break.

he has not been good to observe, and it has got consequences in the form of a raised index finger from the doctor.

– My doctor says I should stop drinking for three months, eat vegetables and exercise, says Lenny Pihl, as the Extra Blade catches him over the phone on Wednesday at noon.

Here is he has just come home from the doctor.

– I could not more, it sailed. Every day, after I had been drinking, it was just down and cuddle the bowl.

Danish well-known – 28. jan. 2020 – pm. 20:09 Danish tv-celebrity in the big blunder

He was, therefore, checked its numbers with the doctor, and even if something was fine, then limped among other things, liver function tests.

– There is a crisis in organsystemet. He said that my blood pressure and heart are fine enough, but they had taken samples of the liver, which was not good. My stomach is also out of balance, and the system is sailing. Now we need to build it up again, he says in a low voice.

Have you then thought you to keep you from the party?

– It is an impossible task, but there is nothing to do. I need to keep a little break until summer. It will be hard, but I will. It is connect with drinking two times a week, he says seriously.

the Doctor says stop, tell Lenny Pihl. Photo: Olivia Loftlund

In august last year, he could also feel the body’s signals. Here, he told the Ekstra Bladet that he was moved home to his mother and stepfather to get a grip on his life. Here he had partied non-stop in the aftermath of the victory of the ‘Paradise Hotel’, and after a trip to the Sunny Beach with the new paradisoer he had had enough.

– It has been a fucking hell. So now I move home to the old, will be in place and stops with the drinking, and partying. I should try to be an adult, said Lenny Pihl at the time, and continued:

– I need to find myself, get some rest and come back sober. It has been reset, it is stuck completely for me. The here year has probably been the worst year of my life. I was going to say on good and evil, but it is only on the evil. It has been crazy.

Film, tv & radio – 23. jan. 2020 – pm. 20:00 Big drama: Disrespectful!

How about that?

– Just parties all the time. I have been drinking too much, it has been completely out of control. There has been celebration and walk in it constantly, and the new comrades in Copenhagen has not made it easier for the rider on the wave now. I have even been there, and I have been much together with the Singer, the jonas’s and the ones that we have had the fucking grineren, but now I take a little distance from it all and keeps me away from everything, said Lenny Pihl in august.