Jesy Nelson had otherwise, headed in the absolutely stunning ensemble when she showed up for National Television Award along with her boyfriend, realitystjernen Chris Hughes.

Here she was nominated for an award, as she also ended up winning for his documentary about the life of popgruppen Little Mix.

However, it was her boyfriend, who ran with all the attention, when he had the fists advancing towards a photographer, who, according to realitystjernen that have been involved in the program Love Island, was hugely provocative.

the Pair made a nice entrance on the red carpet early in the evening. Photo: Ritzau Scanpix/Grant Buchanan

It fell not, however, in good soil with Jesy, and Chris Hughes, as a consequence of slÄskampen given a public apology.

‘After we get out of the hotel, there is a certain paparazzi, which again and again call me a name, which I would not call my worst enemy. He’s trying natural again and again to start something. As all can see, I am giving again, and I regret. I am a human being. There is no difference between me and others, though I’d like to make it clear that this was in the defense. I hope the people I love can forgive me. This evening is all about Jesys win, and I’m sorry if I have distracted anyone from it. I’m a very proud girlfriend and I would like to congratulate her for the victory. I’m proud of you’, is it in the public apology shared on Instagram.

The long excuse popped up on Instagram. Photo: Chris Hughes/Instagram.

Several british media including the Daily Mail has been confirmed by the police, has launched an official investigation of the incident.

‘We can confirm that we have received a notification of assault and violence after a clash between the two men. There are no arrests in the case’, says Met Police.

more pictures can be seen clearly how the boyfriend and the photographer is up and peaks, and to realitystjernen grabs the clothes on the photographer.

In the pictures from the taxi subsequently it is a clearly affected Jesy Nelson, who is not completely satisfied with my boyfriends choice.

Whether she has forgiven him is not yet known, but he is not in the least to find in the pictures, as the singer has split from the red carpet.

In the taxi had Jesy sat down at his comrade instead of her. Photo: Ritzau Scanpix/JUPA