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In the 00’s was the Milano, stuffed with Danish players.

Jon Dahl Tomasson, Martin Laursen and Thomas Helveg was all to find in the Italian modehovedstad. With Christian Eriksen and Simon Kjær in the arrival it begins again to look like a town for Danish players.

But former captain Thomas Helveg played the most matches for AC Milan, but he also came over the Inter, where Eriksen has just come to.

Thomas Helveg smoke direct from AC Milan to arch-rivals Inter in 2003. Photo: Eddy Lemaistre/

It is a club which has changed a lot since fynboen switched to Inter in 2003.

– When I came to Inter, it was a club, who lived in misery, than never to win anything. It has changed since. Now he comes to a club, where it is running for them, though there’s been a little time since the last title.

– They would incredibly like to have the championship back, and it is the club that is closest to challenge Juventus, who have been Italy’s face in the last many years. Christian Eriksen can be the one to take Inter to the next level, where they can challenge the status, say, Thomas Helveg to Ekstra Bladet.

Eriksen can look forward to come to a completely different football landscape than he is accustomed to.

– England and Italy are two completely different sizes. It is football in a different way, where the tactical is going to fill up more than he is used to, but it should not be a problem for Christian, who is incredibly gifted on and off the field.

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Christian Eriksen has been given the number 24 at his new club. Photo: Inter

Christian Eriksen can look forward to starting at the low end against Jens Skims Larsen and Udinese, but it is also of badevingerne. Three of the first five Serie A games are in completely in the deep end against the rivals from AC Milan, Lazio and Juventus.

It has been buzzing of excitement in Milan ever since eriksen’s arrival on Monday, and it may well be with the big matches in mind.

Thomas Helveg has represented both AC Milan and Inter in the fight for Milan, and Eriksen may well reckon with the fact that the local is already very much look forward against the milanese derby 9. February

Christian has already played big lokalopgør in England, and he may well get used to with the same, the struggles are huge. Every single Milan derby is a chapter for itself.

– It will be a really cool experience, but like Simon Kjær in Milan, so can Christian well prepare, that fans will be after them and remind them that they need to make sure to win the derby, says Thomas Helveg.

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