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Between 20 and 25 police officers raided a 58-year-old gårdejers estate in Munkebo on Wednesday evening.

Ekstra Bladet learns that it was a part of the massive police operation, which took place on Wednesday, where 20 arrests around the country took place.

for the sake Of its security, wants the 58-year-old to be anonymous. Ekstra Bladet is familiar with the man’s full identity.

the Police, who showed up on the nordfynske address with a search warrant, endevendte the house. They kept their cards close to the body and was not very talkative about what it was about.

– They examine the whole of the address, and the run aground so on an ip address, he says.

It is an ip address that leads to the gårdejerens son-in-law, who have led the police to the funen farm.

The 58-year-old was the only one who was at the address, as ransagelsen took place, and the police did not carry out any arrests on the spot.

He was even led out of the property, where he could see how the police investigated inside and around the property, and some of the officers had also increases with, so that they could come around above all.

the Police were also recorded of the two bottles, where they examined the chemical content. The police could, however, ascertain on the spot that the containers were filled with quite innocuous, honey, tell the farmer.

the Article continues under the picture …

the agency was present at the address, where the police raided a gårdejendom. Photo: Tim K. Jensen

It came in the grade behind him, that the police suddenly showed strong in numbers up on his address.

– When the police show up here in kampklædte uniforms, I thought that it was a try. But then they had probably announced it. It, I thought, until I found out, that there probably was a little more seriousness behind, he says.

The 58-year-old was not anything specific to know about why the police responded on svigersønnens ip address. The police made him aware that it was not about pedophilia. And there was also the possibility that some other had abused svigersønnens ip address.

Police told not, that it was about the massive police operation, it happened all over the country.

The 58-year-old even may not, however, imagine, that his son-in-law would have been to plan a terrorist attack.

a total Of seven police districts contributed to the action over the country. 20 were arrested, but 12 of them have been released again.

Two women and six men will be produced in grundlovsforhør Thursday.

the 112 – 11. dec. 2019 – at. 17:17 Overview: What do we know about terrorist attack