Harboe’s executive director, Karina Harboe Laursen, stop with immediate effect the company.

in Addition, also stops the company’s CCO Kirsten Ægidius in office, while chairman of the board Søren Stampe step out of the board.

It informs Harboe in an announcement.

the Reason for the trio’s departure is, according to Harboe, that it has not been possible to agree on ‘the implementation of the company’s forward-looking strategic direction’.

instead, it is Søren Malling now joined the board as acting managing director, while Martin Schade is the acting COO.

the Board has with the president’s departure constituted with former ceo Bernhard Griese as president and Mads O. Krage, as vice-president.

The newly appointed directors, Søren Malling and Martin Schade, has so far been, respectively, Head of Logistics and Head of Production of Harboe.

– in Order to ensure the continuity and maintain the momentum in our activities and the important strategic initiatives we are undertaking, the board has inserted a board with two of our strong leaders who can take over the baton with the same, says the newly appointed president of the fondsbørsmeddelelsen.

Bernhard Griese is on the short time passed from the director to the board of directors to the chairman of the board. Photo credit: Harboe

Karina Harboe Laursen has only been the director in the few months since she took over the post from his father – Bernhard Griese – in the summer.

Since his daughter took over the president’s office, was the sixth generation of the family, as entered in the brewery’s senior management, as the company has long tradition of just that. Before she was director, had Karina Harboe Laursen served on the board and in various leadership positions for 15 years.

But now is the daughter, therefore past in the topposten, while Griese, who has been a director for 39 years, has put himself on the chair.

The new director, Søren Malling, is in fact married with Vibeke Harboe Malling, which in the past have taken over a large part of the actions of the company.