It started with a few trucks, but evolved into a harmonikasammenstød of dimensions, as more than 50 vehicles drove wrong during a sudden snowstorm in the UNITED states.

the Accident happened Monday morning on a highway outside of Des Moines in Iowa.

It will write CNN and Bloomberg.

despite the accident the extent of getting only a single person seriously hurt, but according to Alex Dinkla, who works for the trafikmyndigheden in Iowa, the highway was blocked for hours.

And the accident is not a unique episode of severe snowstorms have devastated the northeastern UNITED states in the past two weeks.

In total, ten people lost their lives as a result of the blizzards.

Blizzards have hit the entire northeastern UNITED states. Here it is in Massachusetts on the east coast. Photo: Joseph Prezioso/AFP/Ritzau Scanpix.

Last winter hit a historic cold in the UNITED states, and the ga is partly a state of emergency with also a number of surprising naturfænomerner. Among other things, one could suddenly see the Lake Michigan in Chicago smoking. Video: AP.

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