Norway was on Tuesday ready for the semi-finals of the european championships in denmark.

It was a matter of fact, when Sweden defeated Hungary 24-18, after Norway itself had previously beaten Iceland 31-28.

Hence follow Norway after four wins and eight points in mellemrunden with Spain and Croatia to finaleweekenden in Stockholm.

Wednesday to determine whether either Hungary or Slovenia follows with Norway from group 2.

Slovenia has six points in the meeting with Norway, while Hungary has four points and meetings Portugal. Hungary is better than Slovenia among themselves.

Sweden was already in the victory over Hungary without the opportunity to advance and have two points at the bottom of group 2.

Norway was flying in the first half, while Iceland came much better in the second half, and it ended up creating some excitement along the way in the last 30 minutes.

Sander Sagosen rounded as the interim EM’s top scorer 50 goals in the tournament, and verdensstjernen scored a total of nine times for Iceland.

Norway began in the hoopla and were ahead 4-0 after a little over two minutes.

Norway continued, and Sander Sagosen brought Norway in front 7-0 on a returbold after an unsuccessful penalties.

After nine minutes came the first icelandic scoring when Aaron Palmarsson reduced to 1-7, but the Island had it difficult against Norway-keeper Torbjørn Bergerud, and Norway were ahead 11-3 after one quarter.

Christian O’Sullivan was the driving force together with Sander Sagosen for Norway, as for the fight had summoned the keeper Espen Christensen, after Magnus the Red have been damaged.

Espen Christensen went in and nibbled a penalties, in Norway increased to 16-8 eight minutes before the break.

Norway went into the second half ahead 19-12, but two scores and a dobbeltredning of the Island-keeper Viktor Gisli Hallgrimsson meant 14-19, and Iceland in general was woken up for the second half.

Norway was to slide more of the goals, and with 20 minutes again was the lead on five goals, but Ólafur Gudmundsson bombed the Island in 20-23 with a neighborhood again.

Hallgrimsson was good in Iceland’s comeback in the fight, but it did not last, and Norway won the match with three goals.

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