There is no reason to put his own light under a bushel.

Such a thought, the socialist mayor of Aarhus, Jacob Bundsgaard, to think, when he in the month of december could donate 18.244 tokroner – that is, 36.488 crowns – from modeljernbanetoget at Aarhus central Station for the charity.

in Addition to a prompt press release, laid the mayor is also a video on Facebook, where he told about the good deed he had done.

That video now get the criticism, writes the

For the donation of about 36.000 dollars, which went to disadvantaged children and young people, has cost the mayor a place between the 58,000 and 70,000, to draw attention on via Facebook, writes the Berlingske tidende, who has retrieved the numbers from Facebook’s open reklamelister.

It will say that the mayor has spent nearly twice as much to boast about the collected donations, the collection gave.

It is supposed to be Bundsgaard themselves, who have paid for the advertisement.

One of the organizations that have received a share of the donation, the Better Maternity. Here, according to Berlingske great dissatisfaction with the fact that the mayor has had the big bucks to promote in order to promote the distribution of the money.

The money could be come some small organizations to the good, if only he had shared them out instead. The 60,000 dollars is a lot of money for those of us who are doing social work, says Louise Christian Nørmark, who is the co-founder of the Better Maternity.

Extra Magazine follows the case and tries to get a comment from Jacob Bundsgaard.