Iran has confirmed that it was not just one but two missiles, 8. January hit the Ukrainian passenger plane that crashed outside Tehran.

It writes the AFP.

the Country has in the past admitted that they by mistake shot the passenger plane down because they thought it was an american aircraft that was on its way to attack.

Since brought the american media of a video which apparently showed, that two missiles hit the aircraft, and the fact that Iran has now confirmed.

the Accident came in the wake of the fact that Iran had attacked two u.s. bases in Iraq, why the iranian defense was prepared for an answer. But the americans said never again, why it so instead went out of innocent people in the passenger plane that was heading from Tehran to Kiev.

Iran announces that they will even examine the two black boxes from the downed airliner. According to Reuters, they have asked the UNITED states and France for help to download data from the boxes.

11 ukrainians perished in connection with the crash. Here carry soldiers coffins in the airport at Kiev in connection with a ceremony to honor those killed. Photo: Presidential Press Service/Handout via Reuters/Ritzau Scanpix

on board the aircraft was about 80 iranians, 57 canadians as well as several ukrainians, swedes, afghans, germans and britons. All 176 people on board were killed.

Immediately after the crash and believed Iran that there was a technical fault on the plane, which led to the fact that it crashed. However, the thought among other things, the UNITED states and Canada, that it was a missile, and ultimately selected Iran to also admit, that this was what had happened.