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A 22-year-old swede has been arrested in Copenhagen Airport in Kastrup, because he was wanted by the English police for a murder committed on christmas eve in London.

Here was the 36-year-old Swedish-Albanian Flamur ‘Alex’ Begiri, who was director of a record label, shot and killed on the street in front of the family’s fashionable home on Battersea Church Road in a suspected gangster showdown that draws the threads of Sweden.

the Killing came to pass in the eyes of Flamur Begiris wife and small son, when the family came home after having celebrated on christmas eve. A lone perpetrator came and shot Flamur Begiri with a series of shots and fled on foot. A neighbor heard 8-10 shots.

Flamur Begiri was a brother to him Missé Biqiri, who previously has been married with the Danish goalkeeper Anders Lindegaard, who played in Manchester United. The couple have a son together. They were only married for two years from 2014-2016.

Monday at 18.58 was the 22-year-old swede arrested when he came to Copenhagen Airport from Thailand. There was an international arrest warrant on him from the English police for the killings on christmas eve and for the possession of firearms.

the English police have requested that the 22-year-old extradited for criminal prosecution, and therefore he was today produced in Copenhagen dommervagt and remanded in 13 days.

The English charge was not reviewed in dommervagten, but the 22-year-old protested the detention and said that he knows nothing about the incident in London.

He also do not want to let themselves voluntarily surrender, so now a process going on between the English and the Danish authorities about an extradition.

In Sweden, the 22-year-old with impunity and is not known to have connections to the criminal environment, learns ekstrabladet. He is of tunisian descent, but a Swedish citizen.

Ekstra Bladet has tried to get a comment from the 22-year-olds defending lawyer Lene Sejersen.

the Killing of Flamur Beqiri christmas eve was a targeted assassination and the motive, perhaps revenge, believes the English police.

detective Inspector Jamie Stevenson, from the homicide in London has stated:

– We think that Flamur Beqiri may have been involved in criminal activities in Sweden, and is in connection with our Swedish colleagues to try to understand the episodes that may have led to, that someone has sought revenge over Flamur in great britain, says Jamie Stevenson.

Wife and friend to the released robber shot
the Murder in London also draws the threads of a murder in Malmö four months earlier. 26. august was the 31-year-old doctor Karolin Hakim, who was the girlfriend of the 35-year-old released big-robber NA, killed at Sergels väg in Malmö, while she had her three-month-old infant in her arms.

She and her boyfriend came out from the hallway to their apartment with the child, since several of the perpetrators shot at the NA, who lost the child and fled.

Karolin Hakim total child up and jumped over to the couple’s car, when one of the perpetrators shot her while she had the child in his arms.

Police believe that her boyfriend NA was mordernes actual target. He was a close friend with Flamur Begiri in London, who three years earlier had moved to the big city to operate a record label. NA and his girlfriend came private together with Flamur Begiri.

The released NA was one of the leading figures on the robbery at Dansk Værdihåndtering in Glostrup 10. august 2008, when the yield was at least 62 million dkk. In the near four million is the money is not found. 35-year-old NA was at that time eight years in prison as one of the leading figures.

Swedish police theory is that the murders in Malmö and London can be linked to a conflict between international organised crime.

Kvällsposten has been previously described, to Flamur Begiri was subjected to death threats, when he lived in Malmö, and that it was one of the reasons why he moved to London. Here bought the family a house for 1.7 million pounds, equivalent to approximately 15 million dkk.

Thriller Released big-røvers gf and friend murdered

Flamur Beqiri moved to London in 2016 and was a friend of one of the robbers from the 62 million kroner coup against Dansk Værdihåndtering in Glostrup. Politifoto