the PARK (Ekstra Bladet): Stale Solbakken was subdued and very disappointed, although FC Copenhagen went on to the spring of the 1/16 finals in the Europa League, although they lost 0-1 to Malmo FF.

– I was not happy with our performance. I told the players in a tone of voice, so they were not in doubt. We had far too little offensive power. This was clearly our worst struggle offensively in the group stage.

Framework was great, and we had invited to the party, but did not participate in it, as Stale Solbakken put it.

Viktor Fischer was one of the offensive players, who performed under the level of the FCK. Stale Solbakken was disappointed FCK,. did not participate in the celebration, as they had been invited to in the Park. Photo: Lars Poulsen.
There was a swiss 1-1 miracle in the Ukraine to send FC Copenhagen on the european scene for the sixth time from the group stage.

FC Copenhagen on Monday, when the drawn ticket to the 1/16 finals in the Europa League.

the 0-1 Defeat to Malmö FF means that the FCK sends the group’s first direct in the hands of the swedes. On Monday drawn to the spring of battles, how the FCK can meet one of gruppevinderne or one of the four best three’are coming in from the Champions League (Red Bull Salzburg, Ajax, Inter and Benfica lisbon)

Second place in the group means at the same time, that the FCK needs to play a home fixture in the Park 18. February. The second leg is played 25. February.

– When we play at home, we should dominate the fight more offensively. Only Rasmus Falk delivered a satisfactory performance with the change of pace. The rest of the offensive accomplished in level, said Stale Solbakken, who, however, could rejoice a bit over the prospect of forårsbold in Europe for FCK.

– When we have put the disappointment aside, it’s good for selvforståelsen. We have something to look forward to in February. And as I said to Lars Seier (one of hovedaktionærerne), it also provides ten million. kr. in the box, and smiled, Stale Solbakken, who could welcome an extra rest day before the final game on Monday against OB.

the programme Committee must have had the christmas party, since they gave us an extra day off for the battle, he commented dryly.

in the Midst of success see Uwe Rösler, Malmö coach, in addition to the soon to be past in the club.

He seemed resolved with the fact that he is probably one of the coming days are past as the head coach of the club.

On the direct question whether he is the coach of Malmö in the coming season, he said:

– That something will happen in the coming days. We’ll see. Not in the evening now, we are pleased that Malmö has gone on, he said and gave a hug to the reporter from Expressen who on Thursday revealed he is on the road against a fyreseddel.

How did the FCK’s it in the Park

Karl-Johan Johnsson 4

Guillermo Varela 3

Sotirios Papagiannopoulos 4

Andreas Bjelland 4

Pierre Begtsson 3

Robert Mudrazija (46) 1

Rasmus Falk 5

Nicolaj Thomsen (80) 3

Viktor Fischer 3

Pieros Sotiriou 3

Dame N’Doye 2

(46) Carlo Holse 3

(80) Michael Santos (UB

(84) Karlo Bartolec UB

Stale Solbakken 3

Extra Magazine’s grading scale goes from 0-6.

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