It is more than four months ago, Thorbjørn Olesen was arrested in Heathrow airport in London and had to see his golfkarriere be put on pause.

On the charges against the dane will play out in a real trial, remains to be seen, but it can get answers on Friday, where he at 11 o’clock Danish time, to the third hearing in the case in London.

Declares the 29-year-old Olesen pleaded guilty Friday in the Isleworth Crown Court court 1, can be judged already on the same day or within a very short time. Else is waiting, after all, to judge a trial in may.

Olesen is indicted for three different conditions after a flight from Nashville in the UNITED states to London, England, 29. July.

He had just participated in the tournament to the WGC Invitational in Memphis and took the plane home to the English capital, where he lives.

Three days later, the Ryder Cup-the winner of 2018 is accused of having been drunk and inappropriate on the plane.

More specifically, he is charged with ‘sexual assault on a female’, which covers over contact of a sexual nature without consent.

in Addition, he is charged with ‘assault by beating’, which in English law covers an assault of lesser gravity, as well as to be drunk on the plane.

At the first hearing at Uxbridge Magistrates’ Court 21. august refused Olesen pleaded guilty to the charges. His lawyer Paul Morris said that Olesen before the flight had taken some medication and was taken samples that were not completely analysed.

the Prosecutor explained that Olesen had been full, and among other things, urinated on the floor of the plane. According to the prosecutor kissed the dane also a woman on the hand and neck, and touched one of her breast against her will.

Because Olesen pleaded not guilty to the charges, was a new meeting set in the calendar for 18. september in Isleworth Crown Court in west London.

While Olesen is not even related to the question of guilt here, let the dane’s camp understand that golfstjernen could not plead guilty to the charges, but that he did not hold that the events on the plane have taken place.

A number of deadlines for submission of material was agreed between the parties, and 13. december was chosen as the date for a “plea and trial preparation hearing”. It is expected to be the last meeting before a possible trial, unless the hearing of unforeseen reasons postponed.

The big question is whether Olesen camp has presented the material giving rise to the indictment against the dane changed, so he pleads guilty Friday.

A trial in may 2020, will extend the case with a good five months. The case has already cost Olesen a lot of money in revenue, because he has not been able to participate in tournaments, since the case began.

the European Tour, Thorbjorn Olesen is a part, has suspended the dane, “while the case was ongoing”. The same has the north american golfarrangør the PGA Tour, which Keil, however, is not a permanent member of the.

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Three charges hanging over the head of Thorbjørn Olesen. The first is the “sexual assault on a female”, which covers over contact of a sexual nature without consent. This, according to English law is punishable by a fine or imprisonment of up to half a year. The same maximum penalty applies to “assault by beating”, as Olesen also is accused. Finally golfstjernen accused to be drunk on board the plane . The latter can lead to a fine.