Storkampen between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid has already been postponed once, and the meeting will not be postponed again.

It has established the Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu, after a Catalan separatistgruppe have planned a big demonstration at the home of the Camp Nou 18. december, where the match is to be played.

– I can say that El Clasico is played. It is exposed not again, says Bartomeu.

– It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that the match is played. We know that we are going through a complicated period in Catalonia, but it is not compatible with the sport, says the president.

league game between Spain’s two biggest football clubs on the Nou Camp was originally scheduled for 26. October.

nevertheless, This created resentment in Catalonia, when nine Catalan separatistledere were sentenced to prison by the Spanish Supreme court. The Spanish Football federation (RFEF), so therefore compelled to postpone the fight.

Despite the planned demonstration at the stadium insist Josep Maria Bartomeu to play a game of football.

– Our stadium is a place where one can freely express themselves. It has always been, and we would therefore like to signal that everything is normal and quiet.

the Club is preparing for the El Clasico as normal, and we say to our fans that they should come with their families and friends. Together we must provide an El Clasico, which celebrates the sport and humanity. We want peace and tranquility, says the president.

the Movement Democratic Tsunami has called on protesters to gather around the Camp Nou stadium four hours before kick-off at 20. The match is played on Wednesday next week.

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