the Ambitions are great in Kolding IF), which in november fired head coach Anders Jensen after a bad period, which left the club in fourth place in Denmark’s second best superliga, NordicBet League.

Now has Kolding IF then found the new man to trænersædet, and he comes from 2. Division. On the club’s website, they have published, that you have hired 34-year-old Morten Mølkjær purchased free of Aarhus, which is the topper 2. The Division Group 2.

It is, according to Kolding IF done after thorough research and in Kolding they are happy to download it, they call for one of the country’s largest trænertalenter. It tells the club team he will play for, the former Superliga-profile Niki Zimling.

– the Profile fits perfectly in it, as the club want to stand for. He is committed, hard working and a very skilled coach, which will help to lift the KIF to the next level. It is a large scoop for Kolding IF, and we are proud to be able to attract such a capacity, say, Zimling, who only have roses left over for Morten Mølkjær:

– Morten has a good understanding of the game, a positive approach to the way it should be played on, and is judicious in pressured situations. Morten is also really velskolet under coaches such as Ove Pedersen, Peter Sørensen, Morten the previous winter and Glen Riddersholm.

Morten Mølkjær is the new head coach of Kolding IF. Photo: Claus Bonnerup
Also the main character even looks forward to starting in his new job.

– I have a really good feeling and am honored that Kolding has been in contact with me. I feel ready and equipped for the job, and am unlikely to come in time, he says, and continues:

– I am a professional, competent coach and tactically strong. I’m good at dealing with people in general, and it is a good competence, when you have someone to perform on a football pitch.

Morten Mølkjær change employer with immediate effect, and is therefore in Kolding IF’s preparations for the spring season, which starts in late February. Here he must try to improve the club’s immediate fourth place, where there are nine points up to league leaders Vejle. It is reported not out, how much Kolding IF has had to pay to buy Mølkjær free.

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