A 21-year-old Danish man is the Thursday afternoon has been remanded in custody in Finland in a case concerning a failed robbery of employees at a chemical factory in a suburb of Helsinki.

The typing of the Finnish media Iltalehti.

the Man suspected to have played a role in a case, where a group of men after police view on Monday tried to enter in a warehouse at the factory. Presumably to get its hands on a large amount of cocaine was stored at the site.

the Police have found a ‘significant’ amount of cocaine stored in the premises of the factory. Cocaine at the street level represent a value of several million euros.

It is the police view that the men first tried to threaten a truck driver at the factory. The men arrived at the factory in a car fitted with Danish license plates, and they were all masked and possibly armed . But something went apparently wrong during the indtrængingsforsøget.

the Finnish police have so far not told so much about the case, which has drawn headlines in the Finnish press over the last few days. The case is believed to pull the threads to foreign countries, and so far there are six arrested, it has come forward at a press conference in relation to today’s events in Helsinki Tingrett.

During the press conference told the detective Lauri Hakkala, that it is the police believes that the suspects have not got what they came for.

The suspects were so disturbed that they left the site without taking something with them. You can’t avoid to get the idea that it didn’t go exactly as planned for the suspects. It examines the we also, said kriminalkommissæren according to Iltalehti.

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It also came forward that it is a matter that will come to take the time to investigate.

– There are a lot of things that have happened outside Finland. The investigation will take time, said Lauri Hakkala.

The Danish man is one of the two men, that were manufactured in Helsinki Tingrett Thursday. Both were In all six persons arrested in the case. The six are from Denmark, Sweden and Albania. The police told during the press conference, that they expect further arrests Friday.

On the address of the robbery is Algol Chemicals, offering ‘door-to-door delivery of chemical raw materials to a wide range of industries’.

Algol Chemicals participants director said to the Finnish media Iltalehti, that the address also employees from other companies, and that he can not imagine, that the suspects were looking for something on Algol Chemicals stock.

When the masked men entered the area by the chemical storage, was that sounded the alarm to the police. However, when the police showed up, were the perpetrators fled. Police launched a major search in the time, and they called two of the five suspects with images from a surveillance camera.

When the police on Monday arrested five suspects, it happened in a harbour in Helsinki, where several cabins on a cruise ship had been examined. The suspect was on the way out of the country in the direction of Sweden. It informs the Finnish police in press releases and on Twitter.

Thursday, it emerged that a sixth man has been arrested somewhere in Finland.