in the Middle of december disappeared the goat Peaches suddenly from his home in Northland in New Zealand.

Shortly before had open during out stay Joe Robin acquired the goat and introduced the ox Bunter, who had been depressed since a second cow, which, like it belonged to the local Maungaturoto Hotel, died in the beginning of december.

It writes the new zealand media Stuff and Newshub.

– After Rosie died, was Bunter really depressed, and we had heard that the goats were good terapidyr, and there was a woman who was willing to sell us Peaches, said Joe Robin to Newshub back in december.

– as soon As the Peaches arrived in the paddock, was Bunter a completely different ox, he ran around all over the place, said Joe Robin on.

the Ox also started to get appetite back after being introduced to his new friend.

But the joy lasted, unfortunately not long, for in the middle of december were the Peaches stolen.

the Hotel contacted police, who set an investigation to find the stolen therapy-goat, and on Tuesday of this week, there was thankfully good news.

Here could be both the police and Joe Robin said that the Peaches a few days before christmas had been spotted among a flock of goats nearby. Police in the Northland was soon tipped about the discovery, and before long was Peaches back at his friend, Bunter.

Northland Police have even posted a report on their Facebook-page, where the cheerful show explains about the investigation of the case of the missing goat.

‘the Police wasted no time and got fat on overv√•gningsvideoer and spoke with a number of people,’ says the among other things, in police postings. Here it appears also that the police will not make more out of the case after the Peaches have now come home.

In those days, Peaches was gone, reached Joe, Robin and the other hotelansatte to think the worst of all. So when the mystery was cleared up, they could breathe a sigh of relief, and will now ensure the enclosure with electrical st√łdhegn.