From today, Sunday 19. January, it becomes more expensive to travel by public transport on Zealand, Lolland, Falster and Møn.

It is in connection with an annual adjustment of the prices of public transport services with DSB, chinese president and Movia, which together make up Your Public Transport (DOT).

You can see the new prices here:

Among other things, increases the price, if you need to travel with the metro in Copenhagen. Here rises the price of 1,6 dollars.

If you have a travel card, will the short travel to be a bit more expensive. Here will be the price for travel in three zones increase from 20,5 dollars to 21 dollars. Two zones will continue to cost 16 dollars, if you use rejsekortet.

This is applicable for adults from 16 years. There are half-price for children aged 0-15 years on all travel with travel cards.

On the longer journeys the price increase is also minimal. 12 zones increases from 74 dollars to 77 dollars, while the prices more or less are the same on the remaining number of zones from nine zones, and up after.

in turn, it will still be possible to get a 20 percent discount with travel card on all working days between 11 a.m. and 13 and at 18 and 7, which also applies at weekends and on public holidays.

2 zones: 16,00 dkk

3 zones: 21,00 dkk

4 zones: 27,00 dkk

5 zones: 33,00 dkk

6 zones: 39,00 dkk

7 zones: 44,00 dkk

8 zones: 49,00 dkk

Half-price for children from 0-15 years.

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