KUMAMOTO (Ekstra Bladet): the Dream of the Tokyo live after the victory over the Netherlands, and Denmark, going again to put hal to the kvalifikationsgruppe, Denmark can get in – IF the team ends WORLD cup in the top seven.

The additional option for a space after the EM last year in France is close to being evaporated, because Hungary IS out of the WORLD cup and Romania seems to end bad. Both nations ended over Denmark at the european championships.

– We have applied for, where appropriate, to arrange Denmark OL-kvalgruppe and expect to get a message a week or two after the WORLD cup, saying the team he will play Morten Henriksen.

In the first place, Sandra Toft and Co. beat Serbia on Wednesday and will as a minimum end in the fourth place, which gives a fight for the vital seventh place with fireren from the second group.

– We have extensive experience in arranging the finals and both had the OLYMPICS-kvalifikationspuljer before Rio in 2016. Therefore, one can hope that the IHF will draw upon the experience and assign us a group, ” says Morten Henriksen.

In 2016, did the men, as you know, the cuts. The women failed with the defeat to Romania and Montenegro.

There is nothing official, but in Norway they have long since established that they are allowed to arrange the men’s OLYMPIC qualification, while France and Germany are the hosts for the other two groups.

the IHF will not again say good for, that a nation organizes the OLYMPIC qualifiers for both men and women, so the three are out, unless one of the nations to become european champion in January. Hungary should be offered on the female lines, but in theory can then remove the destinations as Senegal, north Korea, Argentina and China come into play for women.

now, The big question is then, what happens with Russia in the olympic context, after WADA’s option for the IOC to exclude the mighty nation from the Games in Tokyo.

But to keep it simple: Denmark must beat Serbia on Wednesday and maybe out in a battle for the vital seventh place finish on Friday – with less Holland tripping against south Korea. So, Denmark may end up in a battle for fifth place.

Serbia, however, could in theory end up in the WORLD cup semifinals, if all the bottles themselves. But the big stregspiller Dragana Cvijic have only one in mind.

– We come from a small country, where we have to fight for everything. If we once can come to the OLYMPICS, will all be indifferent to what we can reach at this championship.

Sandra Toft is fully agree:

– We live in the tournament and in relation to the OLYMPICS-qualification, and it is the most important.

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