A woman has been hit by the shot in the arm during the filming of a well-known rappers music video. The video was recorded the night of Sunday on Ingarø in the Stockholm Archipelago. Several people have been arrested in the case, and a rap-the musician is still wanted by the politet

It writes multiple media including Aftonbladet and Expressen

the Authorities got the first time aware of the matter, as some persons, according to Aftonbladet at. 01.30 night to Sunday stopped an ambulance on Ingarö in the Stockholm Archipelago. Here was a wounded woman in a car. She was immediately by the ambulance driven to the treatment in a hospital.

According to Aftonbladet was used skarpladte illegal weapons in connection with the recording of the music video. The newspaper reports also that the police have seized the recorded material, among other things, some masked persons, who poses with a weapon in his hand. The woman has, according to the following the split information served as cinematographer during the filming. She was hit by a shot in the arm, because some people were playing with guns and accidentally shooting her in the arm.

– I can confirm that all the evidence is that there has been a recording of a video on the site, says the prosecutor, Jones, Bergendal.

According to Aftonbladet is a rap-the musician so well known, that his music has been played millions of times.

It was here, on Ingarö in the Stockholm Archipelago, that the woman was hit in the arm, shot in the context of a recording of a music video. (Photo: Claes Foundation / Bildhuset / TT)

the Police have in connection with the case arrested a man for serious infringement of the våbenloven as well as grievous bodily harm. The well-known rap musician is also wanted by the police suspected of serious violation of våbenloven.

on the Night of Tuesday, struck police on a house in the Stockholm area in search of the well-known rapper. But he was according to Aftonbladet not in the house.

the Same night, and took the case of a further turn. A young man went according to Aftonbladet into a police station and acknowledged that it was him who had triggered the shot, which hit the woman in the arm.

– I can confirm, that yet another person has been arrested, suspected of serious violation of våbenloven as well as grievous bodily harm, says the accusation Jonas Bergendal, who leads the investigation.