I have repeatedly tried, in vain, to get feminists to articulate how sex specifically must be done to be legal after the introduction of the samtykkelov, which they want so desperately.

In the absence of answers, I must be content with formulating questions, within a possibly insane law is being introduced in Denmark:

10 questions about consent in practice, Several lawyers say, that we already have a requirement for the consent of the current legislation. Take note of the error? Where does the boundary concretely, between sex and not-sex? Exactly when in relationship to the issue of consent be brought to the fore? How can you take the initiative to sex, if it in itself can be perceived as offensive? Will you f.ex. could be judged as infringing by submitting a consent form for signature? How should you express the consent to sex specifically? Is it enough to verbally say YES? Or we must have written contracts or electronic apps and Easy-ID involved in the intercourse? Must be with his YES concretize the type and duration of the sexual intercourse? You can at the same time to the YES to the no sex and NO to the other sex? Or say to YES to all forms of sex? You can undo a YES along the way, and if so, how? If a YES becomes legally valid, it becomes not only a smart way for rapists to escape punishment? How do you ensure evidence that the man has had sex with has uttered the legally valid YES? There must be both the before-consent-under-consent and post-consent? If you also need to be after-consent, how can we ensure that samtykkeloven not being abused to lure people in sexfælder? It becomes necessary, with the third-party assessment, so there should always be a chaperone present when a man and a woman have sex? How should society deal with the coming epidemic of woman-phobia and sex-anxiety among men? What with just making sex public?

Maybe it will be easier just to make the male the initiative to sex absolutely prohibited, unless you have been thoroughly screened and approved by the Danish Sites. And, incidentally, is married and committed its economy to the woman forever. In this context, one could introduce, that it is only lawful for women to seek divorce.

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The feminist dictatorship, where the men are completely incapacitated, will solve all the problems. The men who can’t control their appetites, and in spite of the ban even takes the initiative to sex, can be sentenced to custody for an indefinite time. It is unnecessary to involve the legal system, since it is proof enough, if a woman feels slighted by a man. The Danish Sites can take over the police and retsfunktion in these cases. It will solve the problems of resource shortages in the police and the justice system.

If the new social order is introduced globally, then it will also solve the problems of overpopulation and too much CO2 emissions. It can prove to be an effective way to save the climate and the Earth itself! Especially if the feminist dictatorship also prohibits men to run in for the big cars and eat too much beef.