the Baltimore Ravens’ quarterback Lamar Jackson has in the NFL match against the New York Jets on the night of Friday broken the record for the most number of løbeyards of a quarterback in the base game in a season.

the Record previously belonging to quarterback Michael Vick, who in 2006 for the Atlanta Falcons ran for unheard-of 1039 yards.

The number of yards passed the 22-year-old Lamar Jackson with a run of five yards by six and a half minutes of the fight.

In a video on Fox News congratulated Michael Vick, the young shooting stars.

– Lamar, I just want to say congratulations to write the history. One of the many milestones you will reach in your career.

– good Luck in the future, you deserve it. Keep up the hard work, I’m rooting for you, says Michael Vick in the video, according to news agency Reuters.

There are still two matches in the base game in addition to the night’s battle.

Therefore, can Jackson put the previous record emphatically in place in its just second year as a player in the NFL.

As the following tweet from Sports Illustrated shows, record something, that impressed. Also with the opposing team, the New York Jets. Here came several players go after the match to get a signed shirt, while they congratulated Jackson with the performance.

in addition to Jackson’s personal record is the Baltimore Ravens is also on track to set an unprecedented record.

the Ravens have in the fight against the new york Jets during the 200,9 yards on average per match of the season. Keeping the team the average in the base game the last three games, when the Ravens 3215 yards in 16 matches, which will be a new record.

the New England Patriots are sitting at the moment on the record. It was set in 1978 and sounds of 3165 yards.

Beats the Ravens the record, it will be very unusual, since the NFL teams in the day to throw the ball much more than they did in the 1970s.

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