KUMAMOTO: the Players wept, Klavs Bruun would not right now and here say, what HE is doing – and sportschefen looked like a mortician.

But it stands to him, Klavs Bruun Jørgensen totally protected:

We are wildly disappointed right now, it is clear. We had to put the nose up after something more, I think, all can see. The way this happens, of course, is also vexed. There have been some times in the course of the tournament, where you could wish its a little more luck. Or the skill.

You have repeatedly said that the DHF is not set in the world in order to retrieve the league cup winners back home to Denmark. Now, being In number nine…

– Exactly. Exactly in the day would be a sixth place, after all, have been good.

What do you think about the way the team is moving in terms of impact?

– We can see that the results do not meet what we would like. We had dreamed of the OLYMPIC games both for the OLYMPICS’sake, but also because, the OLYMPICS might be able to give the team a peak at the european championships on home soil in december, says Morten Henriksen.

– It hurts, but I’m here not only to look at the results, but if I say processes, then it will sound like excuses. We need to look at whether we are skilled enough. Where are we in relation to the other nations? And I think, unfortunately, we have been reassured that there is still some way to go.

Morten Henriksen perpetuated on spillerhotellet the other day, where the mood was different good. Photo: Bo Amstrup/Ritzau Scanpix

How do you assess Klavs’ situation?

– Well, Christmas is the coach like so far.

do you Have the right coach?

– Yes, otherwise I had switched him out.

When he now in september, says he will go, if the team does not proceed from the group – and draws in the country. Would he not soon find out if he will be there or not?

– you must ask for him.

– In may, as employers have an interest in it?

– All have an interest in, that we have the best seated as national coach, and I would claim we have. Klavs and Lars is landstrænerteamet, and I have full confidence that the two are the most competent to take the decisions.

you Must now go to Team Denmark and say: We are not a top 8-team anymore?

– No, Lone Hansen is so competent that it has enough she even noticed.

the Disappointment does not change the fact that you think Christmas is the national coach during the european championship on home ground?

– It changes it not.

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