It is not every day that professional tennis matches are determined by 6-0, 6-0. It came to pass in the $ 15,000 tournament in Doha this week.

And not enough with that the world’s no. 1.367, thai Krittin Koaykul, not made a single batch, he lost not a single ball and won all of the parties clean – and thus all the heat of 48 balls.

Tv pictures from the match is both embarrassing and disgraceful.

The thai tennis player may not need to unfold in order to win so easily. On the other side of the network are namely Ukrainian Artem Bahmet, and he looks like someone who has never played tennis before.

the Service looks like a beginner’s first lesson on a sommerferiekursus, and grundslagene sits not just in the closet.

the World’s worst tennis player? See the final balls here…

According to it never happened on either the ATP – or WTA-level, that a player has lost all 48 balls.

In the Wimbledon third round in 2012, won Yaroslava Shvedova dog 24 balls in a row and thus the first set against Italian Sara Errani, while the same happened in 1982, when american Bill Scanlon beat Brazilian Marcos Hocevar in the men’s tour.

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At the lower Futures level, it succeeded in 2018 French Dan Added, which now is number 245 in the world, compatriot Freddy Prioton by winning all 48 balls – exactly as it happened in Doha.

How the Ukrainian player has come up with in a professional tournaments, when he is not better, it is a bit of a mystery.

But on the low ITF level tournaments often find it difficult to fill the last seats out in qualifying, and then one can buy themselves into the tournament, if you have the money and have a so-called ITF membership.

the Daily Telegraph writes, however, that there has been a nasty shadow over the embarrassing battle.

the Newspaper report, therefore, that at a Russian bettingforum is a user who writes that the games on this particular tennis match, gave the money to, that two persons could come a week to Doha at a nice hotel.

According to Sports Illustrated, there should be talked about, that the Ukrainian tennis player himself and his friend ‘Mont’ took to the tournament in Doha to scoute players, and then they played with in the qualifier and gamblede that they themselves lost, and so was the trip paid.

the Plan was that they would do the same in the next week, but after the story has gone around the world, so it will probably be harder to lose 48 balls in a row next week.

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