Donald Trump reaches out for the 16-year-old environmental activist Greta Thunberg on the social media Twitter.

It happens, the day after she was named as this Year’s Person of 2019 of the magazine Time.

In his tweet, as several international media, among others, The Independent, has spoken, writes the american president, the young swede should ‘work with his problem to deal with anger’.

Community – 10. dec. 2019 – at. 22:12 President call Greta Thunberg for a brat

In connection with the election acclaimed the american magazine Greta Thunberg to have started a movement that has become an international movement to hold world governments accountable to lead a responsible climate policy.

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On Twitter call Donald Trump this ‘ridiculous’.

‘So ridiculous. Greta must work on his own problems to deal with anger and then go in and see an old-fashioned movie with a friend. Relax, Greta, relax!’

Greta Thunberg has yet to reply directly on the not so flattering remark from the us president, but she has just changed profilteksten to her Twitter profile to: “as A teen, working with its problems to deal with anger. Is right now in the time to relax and watch a good movie with a friend.’