– on Saturday Anna and I at the christmas party.

– It was a wonderful event, but when Anna was photographed together with santa claus, she began to hoot.

– The picture I took was pretty fun, so I shared it in the Facebook group – a group that must make the city ‘cozy’.

so begins Ida, who is the mother of Anna of three years, a letter to the nation! on christmas cosiness, fotocensur and images from the reality. Even though Ida seemed that the picture of the daughter with tears spurting out of the eyes was fun, there were some members of the group, which could not see the comedy. Ida’s letter, which she hopes to start a debate on what she calls ‘the scraps of the children’ continues thus:

– the Vast majority of the group also seems that the picture was funny, but a few (women) were offended on my daughter’s behalf.

– One wrote that it was sad that some mothers chose to photograph their crying children rather than comfort them. Thereto I replied, that it was sad that some people chose to judge from a picture, where they are neither well-known or efterhistorien.

I explained then, that Anna had just got a goodie of santa claus, and as he still sat beside us, so I chose to get a picture of him along with Anna.

It was only in the moment, I took the picture, that Anna began to howl.

She reached to sit with santa claus in less than a minute before I took her and comforted her.

– The first she said was: ‘Where is my goodie?’

– Since she got it, everything was alright again.

– however, It was not enough to get the women in the group to relax.

– another woman wrote that the image would pursue Anna her whole life, and that admin had to delete it if not I did it. Shortly after the picture was removed.

– the Woman and the administrator was evidently agreed that they should forsk√•ne Anna for her mother’s action. They knew, apparently better than me what is good for my child, as they have never met.

My question is now, whether it can really fit in, that we have reached so far out that we no longer can show quite common hverdagsbilleder of our children without the risk of violations and censorship?

– It is quite normal that the children weeping, when they meet santa claus. If you google ‘santa kids crying’, then there’s quite a lot of (funny) pictures up. Should they all be censured?

– all the pictures of our children to be the scraps?

– Gets children’s future really affected by the fact that there are pictures of them where they are weeping in the company of santa claus? I have a hard time to see it.

– Last year I put also a picture of Anna and santa claus in facebookgruppen. The picture is still here Anna is cute to look at, and it is apparently the only thing that must be shown… or what, writes Ida, but what do you think?

Here is the image from 2018.