The brazilian president Jair Bolsano mocked earlier in the day the Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg and called her a brat because she has criticized a rising wave of violence against indians in the Amazon area in Brazil.

On Twitter wrote Greta Thunberg two days ago the following:

‘The native american people are being literally murdered for trying to protect the rainforest against illegal skovhugning. Again and again. It is shameful that the world is silent for this.’

To his postings on Twitter added Greta Thunberg also a video that shows the aftermath of the successes of native american leaders, which has claimed the lives of two indians life.

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The brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro and Greta Thunberg is not the best of friends right at the moment. (Photo: Ritzau Scanpix)

Bolsonaro, of environmental activists are being accused of giving the green light to a new wave of destruction and violence with its tough anti-environmental rhetoric, attacked earlier in the day out against Greta Thunberg. It happened across a bunch of journalists in front of the president palace in the brazilian capital Brasilia. Here, he said the following:

‘Greta has stated, that the indians have died because they have protected the Amazon rainforest’, has told the Bolsonaro with a smirk and added:

‘It’s incredible how much space the press gives to the little brat. Bolsonaro used the Portuguese word ‘pirralha’, which can loosely be translated as ‘brat’.

It writes multiple media including The Guardian and the Washington Post

At the beginning of his statements, the president of brazil not remember Greta Thunbergs name and referred to her only as ‘the girl’.

Greta Thunberg responded in the most unusual show on his Twitter profile, where she is under his name in the biography wrote ‘Pirralha'(brat)

Here Greta Thunberg in his biography on Twitter written the word ‘pirralha'(brat). Photo: Twitter.