Trine Team (S) shielded by his head of department, Thomas Ahrenkiel, who have committed several errors in the case of suspected fraud in procurement in the defense department Ejendomsstyrelse.

But a statement of the case, as he even has made, paints a miserable picture of departementschefens efforts.

the Problem is that he only 4. december 23 o’clock informed his minister that The auditor general was on the road with scathing criticism. And while waiting for a criminal case against the five men at the court in Viborg for fraud with money from the department of defense Ejendomsstyrelse (FES).

the Director is still preserved, but whether he lasts the week out, will Trine Team does not guess. Photo: Liselotte Sabroe/Ritzau Scanpix

secretary of defense exempted the Tuesday koncernstyringsdirektøren in the department for service. He is called Per Pugholm Olsen.

Hans J. Høyer, director of FES, has also been sent home.

In the statement, it is not clear exactly when the director really got the message about møgsagen of his subordinates. Instead, the listed number of errors in his inner circle.

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Sticks their head firmly in the sand,
At a news conference Tuesday morning says Trine Team that she would like to see Thomas Ahrenkiel make up for an interview.

– we Get the opportunity to ask questions to departementchefen after the press conference. Orally. Not all the written answers, In usually saves you behind?

– I want to set to, say, Trine Team. in front of the rolling cameras.

the Extra Leaf has at the time of writing have not heard from the department of defense pressing unit is.

Fold the box out and see departementchefens kæderække of blunders…

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a Press conference with the Trine Team on Tuesday in the ministry of Defence. Photo: Liselotte Sabroe/Ritzau Scanpix


Team: I trust him

– Would you as a minister could commit such a string of fuck ups and be seated as minister?

– It will be up to Parliament to decide, says Trine Team.

– It is clear. But would you personally be seated as a minister, if you had made so many mistakes?

– It is not up to me. My task, as minister, is to assess who can I trust to advise me. I can not deny that if new information, as is the case of another. But with the statement I am faced with now, is the case only very late accessed the departmental head. Why I would think that he put inside with the same feeling as I do of anger at being kept waiting, while running such an important issue.

– do you Think he is permanent secretary of state whether, when the week is over?

– I think he is yellow and green of the ærgelse of the case

– You freder him now.

– I trust that he can be the permanent secretary and make the necessary arrangements, when it is about to clear up in this case.

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