It was Henriette Zobel, who opened the Dennis Knudsen’s eyes to the spiritual.

On the other hand it was him that got her to lace up the shoes and complete a marathon, even though she was convinced that she could not run a meter.

for years, Henriette Zobel and Dennis Knudsen been close friends, and therefore, it was also something of a shock, the stylist got, as he on Monday evening, was called up with the message that Henriette Zobel was found dead – just 57 years old.

Danish well-known – 10. dec. 2019 – at. 06:36, Dennis Knudsen about her friend: – Henriette died too early

No one had seen it coming. Not once Henriette itself, says Dennis Knudsen to Ekstra Bladet.

He remembers her as the beautiful woman she was. Well-groomed, well-balanced and in zen with itself. But Dennis Knudsen also says that Henriette Zobels periods of abuse has imprinted itself into his memory.

– She stands for me as the here clean, neat, delicious, beautiful woman who was so divine in one way or another, says Dennis Knudsen, who is in his own words loved, when Henriette Zobel had it like that.

– Unfortunately, had Henriette also some tough periods of his life, where she was hard on himself, he says, and admits that it was tough to look at when his good friend had it bad and smoke in the misbrugsf├Žlden.

Since Dennis Knudsen was the father in the summer, he has not had as much contact with Sable.

– I must admit that here in the past six years, where I have been alenefar to Lucas, I have struggled to have the strength and energy to be close to Henriette in her illness. And when you are a good friend, so it’s all about being there when people are weakest. I had to admit to half a year ago, that I unfortunately do not have the forces for it, he says.

Exactly what Henriette Zobel died of, want the family to keep for themselves.

Danish well-known – 9. dec. 2019 – at. 22:47 Henriette Zobel did not know she was dying: – She was full of livsmod