KUMAMOTO (Ekstra Bladet): They have an eye for each other and a nose for success!

M&M is ready for a new beating. Mia Rej and Mie Højlund both have taken the count during the WORLD cup, but a molesteret nose and a solid sæbeøje is no obstacle, neither for Højlunds kamikaze raids into the enemy’s palisades or for Travel lynrappe samurai-flæk close to the defense.

the Nose has been sewn with a single stitch. I may as well notice, that I have been knocked in the head, but it is not worse than that. I was somewhat nervous, because the doctor and the health care providers was mentioned that perhaps we should have a næsespecialist to look at it, says Mia Rej.


– Jarh… It is a longer lægeforklaring. But we looked at it this morning and agreed on, it is not necessary. Now I’m quite calm, yesterday I was a tad hysterical, but I have become friends with the doctor again, says Mia Rej and laughs.

Mia Rej have no problems with that issue orders and give Anne Mette Hansen a mess. Such is the role as playmaker. Photo: Bo Amstrup/Ritzau Scanpix

Mie Højlund got one in the box against France, but in the degree oppegående.

– I notice it more now than in the beginning. The swelling is roughly away, but now it is pretty sore around the eye. I can see both to the left and the right.

Should you not take care of yourself?

– No, not at all. I think, actually, it is a mistake, it was not me, who shared a blue eye. The resources at mit to play this way, and I have nothing against to get some beating, and if I get hit, so get it to me not to draw me next time, says Mie Højlund.

– The only thing I have been struck by, is that I struck the back of the head in the floor against Norway, and it created problems with the neck, because it also got a fur at the battle the battle within. It has been an unfortunate WORLD cup, ” she says, smiling.

They are a pretty couple. The young semi-veteran and the mature debutant got the cooperation to swing against the Netherlands, and now is Serbia in the hunt for the five promised and the olympic rings.

– I am trying to do it, I even think I’m good at. I know Anne Mette Hansen from Copenhagen, and derk-jan is also a small weaver type, so that we may fit well very well together in play style, says Mie Rej, that can easily poke ’AM’ an earful.

– The freedom one has, as playmaker! We exchange the space in the bagkæden, and it worked against the Netherlands, but it could also be, it becomes quite terrible in the next match. Who knows? Hopefully we can continue it, but it is clear that at some point it will get a pass out over the sideline. It is not perfect, and so it is, says Mia Rej.

She raised from huge responsibility of the club to a role as a reserve and last mandate. It is not ’just right’.

– I do not think it is uncomplicated, but at the same time I know that it is, Klavs expect, I go into the role. The girls have been fantastic, their support has made it a bit easier, and it seems as if they are on the game, says Mia Rej.

Mie Højlund can present an eye in most of the colours of the rainbow. Photo: Bo Amstrup/Ritzau Scanpix

Mie Højlund nor will it claim, it is easy:

– So… It is never easy when you don’t have many minutes together from the matches, but I think it has been a really nice transition. Mia has been with in Okinawa and in træningerne here. She does it insanely well and have the much experience and confidence from the league. She should probably fire the of.

– She is a københavnerfrisk breath for the squad, and it’s funny that without any history on the team just goes in, runs on and is not afraid to burn a shot.

Are you the same – just on the voldumske way?

– It was good, haha. Yes I think so. I would even say.

In is a good match?

– Yes, I think so. I can the good li’, when the pace of angrebsspillet, and it is Rej good to put.

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