Millions of channels and billions of impressions.

You can easily use a life – and more – to look through just this year’s production of the videos on YouTube.

It has streamingkanalen even made in the video, you can see below, where they celebrate the best of the year.

Only the top ten videos, as trendede most in the UNITED states this year, is seen over 305 million times – or the equivalent of well over 50 million hours of viewing.

But Ekstra Bladet have also asked our skolepraktikant Mads on that point on the three channels, as he thinks, that you ought to check out.

Technology – 14. dec. 2018 – at. 21:04 Here is the world’s most hated video: Worse than Bieber

the YouTube show here some of the most likede and watched videos from the year. Video: YouTube


Photo: Tom Jacobs/Ritzau Scanpix

the rapper and the boxer. He is 26 years old and lives in London.

KSI has made YouTube videos and rapmusik in 12 years, and he has over 20 million followers on YouTube and over two million listeners on Spotify.

His career in boxing began when he was supposed to box against another youtuber that heaths Joe Weller. KSI won the fight. Later, he challenged a bigger youtuber – namely Logan Paul – who took up the challenge.

where the match ended in a draw. 10. november yesterday they went in the ring again, where KSI is not just won, but also launched a new song with Rick Ross, Lil baby and s-x, which until now has got over 20 millions of plays on both YouTube and Spotify.

KSI – whose real name is Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji – is also in a YouTube group with seven other british youtubere called ‘Sidemen’ where they make various challenges on their channel.

You can find KSI’s channel here.

TV – 7. dec. 2019 – at. 22:49 New television series reveals the world’s craziest murderer



Photo: YouTube

– also known as Brian Le – is an american youtuber with over ten million followers.

He lives in Las Vegas, 23 years old, and have made YouTube videos and music in a little over eight years. He is very well known for making ‘disstracks’ on the other well-known youtubere.

A disstrack is when you make a song where one harms the other, and on the way ‘to sing a mess’ to a person you don’t like it.

that began to make disstracks against other well-known youtubere, where he ha tried to create some drama with other youtubere, which is better known than him, so he could get some of their followers over on its side.

RiceGum have got great success – several of his disstracks has gotten over 150 million views on YouTube. And among other things he has made disstracks on the other youtubere like Jake Paul, Idubbbz and The Gabbie Show.

You can find RiceGums channel here.

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Matt Stonie

Photo: Andrew Kelly/Ritzau Scanpix

with over ten million followers. He is known for being able to eat absurdly large quantities of food.

Matt has beaten several world records in food-dining. He once ate a Happy Meal from McDonald’s at only 19 seconds. Matt serves in the present day its money to eat a lot of food, typically with a high calorie content. In one of the videos he took of 15,000 calories in 20 minutes.

Other youtubere have tried to eat the 10,000 calories in a day, but without being able to implement it.

About Matt going out and break up when recorded, a video – or whether he just has a extremely big appetite – joins the story does not say anything about this.

You can find Matt Stonies channel here.

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