last week announced Nelson Can, that they go every one into his own after having been on with moderate success on the Danish music scene since 2011, but fanskaren get even a afskedsalbum to comfort themselves with in the form of ’So Long Desire’.

Åbningsnummeret carries the title ’Ambitious’, and it is the trio from the Otter as far as to the last. It pinches more with the skill. And the originality.

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unlike Nelson’s six-year-old debut album is ’So Long Desire.’ more electronic-based and polished, but rockgruppens pop songs have hard time to find a personal standpoint in the slipstream of the models of the british postpunk and chanteuser as Lana Del Rey, PJ Harvey and St. Vincent.

the state of hawaii is lack of self-image. However, they have exceptionally a secure grip on the songwriting, in particular the large-scale ballad, ” Yeah, I Didn’t Think So’ and shamelessly catchy ’I Wanna Be with You’.

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’Limelight’ flirts with the disco, without the affair really leads to something, which is indicative of Nelson’s minimalist expression and skeletagtige compositions. It will be simply to for a bit.

Nelson’s pursuit after the drama is for the dramatic, and inderligheden missing a crucial twist and deeper sounding-board, so ’So Long Desire’ is competent without making a difference.

Them we come not to miss.

the Cover for Nelson’s ‘So Long Desire’, which is the trio’s first album since ‘Now Is Your Time to Deliver’ from 2014.