It has been a few people who don’t have a christmas tradition or two that they enjoy to stick in, when the calendar writes december.

This also applies to the popular Go’ Night Live-host Jes Dorph, which is not a long time to answer when he is asked to its traditions.

– I go to church on christmas eve. While most others see the Disney’s christmas show, so I go in the church. It is not, because I’m the big kirkeg├Žnger, but just exactly the day and evening, there is a special aura about it going in the church. Since I am a bit of believer, then it is really important for me to make it this evening, sounds from tv host, who describes himself as a seven in the scale from one to ten in relation to believers.

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– I believe that there is more between heaven and earth. In a long period of time I thought I was a believer, but then I found out, as there was a lot of things in my life that I was. It was five years ago, continues to Jes Dorph and refers to the period in his life where he struggled with depression and alkoholproblember.

– So, I thought me on a walk and found out that things are not always so simple. So now I think that there is a higher power and someone who helps me. I have it inside my head, he continues and concludes:

– In the year we should be in the city, so we should at the marble church. I shall spend christmas with my family and my boyfriend’s family.

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