The 25-year-old Danish actor Alex Høgh Andersen comes in his role as Ivar Legless in the sixth season of the HBO series ‘Vikings’ out on an adventurous journey, after he has lost his kingdom Kattegat to its big brother Bear, and in haste had to flee to save his life at the end of season five.

In season six is the Ivar Legless reached even Russia, where he meets prince Oleg of Novgorod, who turns out to match the Ivar Legless in both the evil and the madness. Prince Oleg is perhaps even more vicious than Ivar Legless could imagine. He has met his match on ‘the dark side’.

It writes multiple media such as Canada and the Metro.

Prince Oleg has no problems with killing. Here wiping he blood of his hands after yet another violent action. (Photo: HBO Nordic)

For A Canada tells Alex Høgh Andersen, to his experiences outside of his scandinavian kingdom is more challenging compared to it, which he left in his previous scandinavian kingdom.

– Ivar must fight through life. He is a little bit out on deep water, and the Russian men he meets, is totally insane. He meets prince Oleg, who turns out to be even more insane than himself, explains Alex Høgh Andersen and adds:

– It is a brutal reality check for Ivar, who, in his time as king was far from being a just ruler. Therefore, he will look at it Russian madness, and see a reflection of themselves.

On HBO, you can now watch the first two episodes of season six of ‘Vikings’.

the Blood flowing in season 6. of the Vikings. (photo: HBO Nordic)

While Ivar fled to Russia reigns his big brother Bear now as the king of the Kattegat. Here seen together with his mother Lagertha. (Photo: HBO Nordic)

u f o monitors east have plans to travel to new discoveries. (Photo: HBO Nordic)