to reach the semifinals at the WORLD cup, require it probably wins over Norway, the Netherlands and Serbia in the rounds, which begin on Sunday. Denmark has just one point with over from the initial group stage, and a semifinaleplads usually require at least seven points.

It looks like a large mountain to climb, but the Danish national team has in the last two matches against Brazil and France demonstrated impressive fighting spirit and a shrewd and intelligent game, where the errors have been minimized. The tactical discussion paper has been carried out and all agreements have been kept.

the Transformation came after, and it is extremely annoying defeat to Germany, Denmark and exhibited no less than 17 technical errors, and where the tactical agreements just was not held. Everyone was aware that the germans in their kontrafase would play a long deep ball down the middle of the pitch to their fast stregspiller. But the ball was never blocked, and Germany scored eight times on the account.

there were many long meetings in the Danish camp. There was ’mixed blood’ on all agreements the ondenfløjteme complied with, and the result we saw against Brazil, and most recently against France. Klavs Bruun’s troops have been significantly better to take care of the ball.

The technical error against France was shaved down to eight, and at the same time, was closed down for the French kontraløb. Best illustrated by the Lark Nolsøe as a return caught the attention of the long French pass.

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Stine Jørgensen is of of the players who has really lifted his game. Photo: Bo Amstrup/Ritzau Scanpix

a major reason for the recent Danish success is the cooperation between the Danish defence and Sandra Toft in the target. Here are the agreements are also complied with, and it means that the defence of so far as possible, pushing the opponents to quit from the positions, which fits Sandra Toft best. And so must I love that she takes from.

Both Brazil and France, was held on 18 scores. It is unheard of low, but at the same time an expression of that Klavs Bruun and assistant coach Lars Jorgensen has created a defensive, as among the best in this finals.

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Sandra Toft has in recent games been going on a very high level. Photo: Bo Amstrup/Ritzau Scanpix.

to beat Norway is thus relatively simple. The Norwegian women are known to run strong. So far, they have at this finals, had 50 kontraløb, and they have scored on 44 of them. Kontrafasen is Norway’s most dangerous weapon.

If Denmark manage to slow down the Norwegian hurtigløbere, is very won. In Norway’s latest match which they lost to the Netherlands, managed the Dutch in the second half to block the Norwegian kontraløb, and then came the problems. Norway had immensely difficult to get to the scores in the established attacking, and it will also be Sunday, if the Danish defence continues the style from the latest matches.

began, there was much uncertainty about how the Danish national team actually stood. After the matches against south Korea and Germany, which were orgies in the errors and bad decisions, so the black-out. But now there is certainly fixed things up, and the optimism it has created in the squad, must lead to Denmark this time, can play right up against Norway. And maybe even beat them.

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