At the moment, receives the Danish commentator and tv celebrity Louise Kjølsen, also known as the Twerk Queen, a number of unpleasant threats from the one or more unknown perpetrators, who tries to extort her for money.

the Threats she has recently told openly about in social media, and en Ekstra Bladet on Friday night met her on the red carpet to Reality Awards 2020, she explained more about the very nasty messages she has received in the last time.

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– I wake up the 3. January to a message in my inbox, where it says ‘we will come and rape you, beautiful’ and so my whole name, which I otherwise do not use my full address, which is otherwise secret. So this I take really seriously, and report it to the police, ” she says, and continues:

– I was really angry, and therefore have I also made a case out of it. I have written about it on my social media, and it resulted in, that I three days after getting a message that says: ‘Sweet that you have become angry. How about we come and visit your mother’? And so they send her name and her address. And so writing that, if not I put the 1500 over to the bitcoins to them within four days, so they leak my address, my family’s address and hacker and attack us, she explains further.

Louise Kjølsen refuses to let the threats go her on. Photo: Jonas Olufson

According to Louise Kjølsen she not been afraid in the wake of the threats. Instead she turned it to anger.

– It is absolutely crazy, and I take it very seriously. For me, it’s not about the probability of that meet someone up at my residence and rapes me. The think I’m really small. But it is about the use of the here threats. I do not negotiate with terrorists, and this is terrorism, because our democracy is based on the fact that we have an open debate, where everyone in society can participate, and the people here are a threat to it, and it works, says Louise Kjølsen, that even in the past have told openly about the fact that she had been previously raped.

She adds:

– There are a great many, especially women, who do not participate in the debate, because it is too uncomfortable to be in. Therefore, it is important for me to make a real case out of it and involve the police, for the people here to be found and so they should be prosecuted. It is there, I am now.

Louise Kjølsen is also known as the Twerk Queen, and has repeatedly given the danes a glimpse of her twerk-techniques. Photo: Linda Johansen

Louise Kjølsen says that the threats are only getting worse, since she has told about them publicly.

– After I stated publicly that I would not put the money over, who appeared two times Just Eat up at my address, which I had not ordered. It is a way of saying that they know where I am, and that they can reach me. It is also insanely. But for a second time, should they like to order something vegan, for I am running vegan January, she says with a laugh.

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– The fortunate with me is that when this happens, so I am not afraid. I get really angry. And it is a good driving force to do something about it, for I am far from the only one receiving this kind of messages. So if I can make a difference for others who receive something similar, then it is all the hassle worth it. And then I’m just stubborn. I will find the people here. They must not get away with sitting behind their computer and store and make this kind of threat. It is simply not okay, ” she stresses.

Louise Kjølsen is a Danish psychologist, debater and dancer. In addition, she is selverklæret feminist. Photo: Rasmus Flindt Pedersen